Summerville Leisure Park is a small secluded park situated in a quiet residential area near the centre of town. The promenade, main shopping centre, markets and supermarkets are only a 10 minute walk from the Leisure park. The park benefits from a local shop and bus stop only minutes away. Buses go to the town centre, West End, the village of Heysham and nearby city of Lancaster.

Close to Summerville Leisure Park located in the centre of the town is the new cinema, The Superbowl, the Stone Jetty, the library and large doctors surgery. In the West End there ia large park offering tennis courts and bowling greens which host a number of annual competitions. On the outskirts of the town are two golf courses one at Heysham and one at Morecambe near Happy Mount Park. Happy Mount Park offers childrens facilities, a paddling pool, cafe, train ride and miniature golf course. Summerville Leisure Park is particularly suitable for the retired and semi retired. Dogs are welcome to accompany their owners. The park is open 12 months a year.